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Lian li o11 dynamic build performance review in 2023

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic is a case that’s been in development for several years, and it’s finally ready to hit the market. This steel enclosure offers the same features as its aluminum-made counterparts but with some additional perks: It’s more durable and better built than the plastic designs from Lian Li, plus it supports up to 550 mm drives.

Overview of the Lian li o11 dynamic build

lian li o11 dynamic build performance review in 2023
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The Lian Li O11 Dynamic case is a well-made, aesthetically pleasing steel case that can support up to 550 mm width motherboards. It has enough space for all the modern hard drives you can throw at them without having to sacrifice their speed or capacity.

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic is made of steel, and that alone makes it a very sturdy case. The design is sleek but not to the point where it looks like an alien spaceship. It comes with two fans: one at the front, and another at the rear. You can install more fans if needed.

The case has plenty of room for all the components you might want to install. The motherboard tray is removable and can be replaced by a custom one if desired. The case comes with two USB 3.0 ports on the front panel and many more insides.

The case is sturdy and has a lot of room for hard drives, optical drives and other components. The Lian Li O11 Dynamic is not cheap, but it’s worth every cent.

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic is a great case, but it has one major drawback: the price. You can get a good mid-tower case for less than half the price of this one.

Build Quality of the Lian li o11 dynamic

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic is a well-built case that’s easy to work with. The steel construction makes it a bit heavier than the aluminum and plastic models, but that doesn’t mean it’s not well-balanced. The front panel has two USB 3.1 ports (one Type A and one Type C), as well as two HD outputs from your motherboard (HDMI 1.4a and DisplayPort 1.3).

The back panel has three 5.25″ drive bays and four 3.5″ drive bays, which you can use for optical drives or add extra storage via an external hard drive enclosure like those available on Amazon!

It has two 140mm fans that can be controlled by your motherboard and are mounted on the front panel. These fans are removable, so if you want to upgrade them in the future, it’s easy to do so. The case also comes with a 120mm rear exhaust fan, which will help keep things cool inside.

The case itself is very easy to work with. It has plenty of space in the back of the case for cables and wiring, so there’s no need to worry about them getting tangled up or having to deal with cable management issues. The power supply mounts are located on the bottom of the case, which means you don’t have to remove your motherboard every time you want to put in a new PSU.

Features and Value of Lian li o11 dynamic build

lian li o11 dynamic build performance review in 2023
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The O11 Dynamic is a great case. It’s got tons of features, and it’s a great value. The O11 Dynamic has everything you’d expect from Lian Li: high-quality materials, great design elements (like the air intake vents in the front), and attention to detail that makes every aspect of this case beautiful.

To top it off, this case is still relatively cheap when compared to other high-end ATX cases with similar functionality.

This case is definitely worth the money. It has everything you could want in a high-end ATX case, and it looks great too! If you’re looking for an ATX case that will last you years with minimal maintenance, this one’s for you.

Lian Li makes attractive cases.

If you’re familiar with Lian Li, you may have heard of their cases. Lian Li is a Taiwanese company that has been making PC cases since 1989. The company is known for its high-quality aluminum and steel cases.

In order to build a computer, some basic components need to be purchased: motherboard, processor, RAM etc. It can get expensive if you acknowledge everything separately so it’s good to know what kind of case will work best with your new build before ordering anything else!

Most people would agree that the best PC cases are made by Lian Li. They have a reputation for making high-quality aluminum cases that are lightweight and strong. Lian Li’s cases also tend to look very good.

Lian Li cases are also very easy to work with, which is an important consideration if you’re new to building computers. They have plenty of room inside them for more components and they are made from high-quality materials that won’t break easily.

Unlike the aluminum and plastic models from the company, the Lian Li O11 Dynamic is made from steel.

The O11 Dynamic is made from steel, which is a good choice for a case as it’s more durable than aluminum or plastic. Steel also weighs more than aluminum and has a higher cost per pound.

The case is relatively light for its size, coming in at just over 30 pounds when empty. The steel is thick enough to provide good protection from drops.

The case has an all-metal handle, which makes it easy to carry. It’s also very sturdy and should last for many years. The case has two locks that can be opened with a key or combination, which is helpful if you have multiple people using the same case.

The locks are fairly easy to open and close, so it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone to use them. The case comes with three adjustable shelves that can hold up to 250 pounds of weight in total. This is more than enough space for most people’s needs.

The case is not designed for outdoor use, so it’s not weatherproof and should be stored indoors. The case’s interior comes with a soft lining that helps protect items from damage. There are also two small shelves inside that can be used to store smaller items like books or glasses. The exterior of the case comes with several pockets for storing additional items.

The steel construction makes it a bit heavier than the aluminum and plastic models, but that doesn’t mean it’s not well-balanced.

Lian Li’s O11 Dynamic build performance is a bit heavier than its aluminum and plastic counterparts. This means that it won’t be as portable, but it does make up for this by having better heat dissipation and power dissipation properties.

The O11 has plenty of room inside to fit all your parts and still has enough space left over for cable management or other storage needs–and if you’re worried about getting hot during an intense gaming session, there’s always air circulation through its many vents!

The O11 Dynamic is a great choice for those who want a well-balanced case that can take on some heavy lifting while still looking good.

The O11 Dynamic is a great case for those who want something that’s sturdy, well-insulated, and safe from damage.

Even though it’s a bit heavier than the aluminum and plastic models, the O11 Dynamic is still easy to handle.

The O11 Dynamic is made of steel and weighs about 4kg heavier than the aluminum model. It’s still easy to handle, though. The good balance between weight and size makes it feel much more comfortable than other cases that use plastic for the case shell or aluminum for the sides.

The O11 Dynamic has a good weight distribution that helps keep your PC stable while playing games or doing work on it (like editing photos).

The O11 Dynamic has a great design and it looks really nice. It’s not too flashy or gaudy, but at the same time, it doesn’t look bland. The black finish on the case gives it a subtle yet stylish look. The case is easy to work with and comes with a large side panel window where you can see all your components inside. This helps out in situations where you need to troubleshoot problems or just show off your PC’s performance.

The O11 Dynamic can support up to 550 mm width motherboards.

That’s pretty impressive, considering that most other cases in this price range only support 531mm, wide boards.

The case is also compatible with 12.9 inches-tall CPU coolers and 10.2 inches-tall graphics cards.

The O11 Dynamic is a very versatile case that will allow you to build an excellent computer system from scratch or upgrade your existing system to meet new demands and needs!

The O11 Dynamic comes with a pre-installed front fan and two pre-installed rear fans. It also has space for up to three additional 120mm fans in the front, top and bottom of the case. This will help cool your components and keep them running at optimal temperatures.

The case comes with three dust filters (one on the front and two on the side panels), which will help prevent dust from entering your computer system.

The five remaining drive bays have enough space for all the modern hard drives you can throw at them without having to sacrifice their speed or capacity.

The O11 supports up to nine 3.5″ drives, six 2.5″ drives and one 5.25″ bay for your optical drive or something else that’s not a storage device but still needs a place to live in your case.

The O11 is also compatible with many older 3-inch and 2-inch drives from the likes of Seagate and Western Digital; those will work just fine thanks to its toolless caddy system.

The O11 comes with a pair of USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port and an eSATA connection for your external hard drives, flash drives and other external storage devices to plug into.

The case also supports front-mounted audio jacks so you can connect headphones or speakers without having to go digging around in the back of your machine; this makes it ideal for home theater PC users who want high-quality sound without the hassle of connecting cables all over their living room.


The Lian Li O11 Dynamic is a great case for enthusiasts who want something that looks good and performs well. It’s not the cheapest case on the market, but it’s not the most expensive either. If you’re looking for an open-air gaming PC build but don’t want to spend all your money on a fancy case.

Last Words

In the end, it’s clear that the Lian Li O11 Dynamic is a well-made case that offers many features at a reasonable price. It can hold up to five drives in its 5.25″ bays and four drive bays for 2.5″ drives. It also supports up to 550 mm motherboards and has enough room for several fans if you want them.

All in all, this is an excellent choice for anyone looking to build their first computer or upgrade their current system with more connectivity options and cooling potential than ever before possible!

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