Ralph Macchio, who played the title role in "The Karate Kid," is ready to retire from acting. But before he does, he's got a few secrets to share.

The franchise, which included sequels in 1986 and 1989, is enjoying a second act thanks to the streaming network’s series “Cobra Kai.”

Macchio bumped into Sheen while leaving a casting session, and later learned he had been considered for the role of Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid.

Downey and Howell were also considered for the part, while legendary filmmaker Clint Eastwood attempted to cast his son Kyle in the role.

Charlie Sheen might have been cast as the Karate Kid.

The casting of Pat Morita as the martial-arts mentor, Mr. Miyagi, was initially resisted by everyone involved in the movie—including Macchio.

Pat Morita was nearly not cast as Mr. Miyagi

Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune was the studio’s first choice to play a samurai warrior, but he spoke very little English and auditioned for the part of an “intense and dramatic” sensei.

The familiarity of his speech, the resonance—it all came together. The perfect-English-speaking guy vanished,” Macchio writes.

The scene in which Mr. Miyagi drinks alcohol, a major departure from his typical behavior, was almost not included in the film.

Miyagi's history almost wasn’t included in the movie.

During the talk, a sad and inebriated Miyagi discusses how he lost his wife and unborn child at a Japanese internment camp because "no doctor" was available.

The scene was especially meaningful for Morita, who had spent a few years in two such camps as a child.

Studio executives worried that showing the movie at its regular length would reduce their daily screenings and hurt box office receipts.

To achieve the effect of a man catching an insect with chopsticks in the movie Magic in the Moonlight, director Woody Allen spent days planning and executing each shot.

Macchio writes that he and his son ended up using a combination of live-fly fishing, tiniest plastic fly glued to chopsticks.

The secret behind the chopstick scene.

In the movie The Karate Kid, Daniel (played by Ralph Macchio) defeats his nemesis Johnny Lawrence with a crane kick he learned from watching Miyagi (the karate master played by Pat Morita).

But that kind of move wouldn’t have been acceptable in real-life competitions.

Crane kicks are not allowed in competition.