When Spanish tourist Paula Colmenero, 52, compared the drawing with a photograph of Clinton she had in her wallet, "it was too much of a coincidence."

In the 2017 film "Coco," an Academy Award-winning animated movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios, the character Abuelita was a work of fiction.

Maria Salud Ramirez's good-natured smile, squinting eyes and white braids were notable features of this 109-year old woman who died on October 16th.

"One afternoon, people from the lakeside town of San Juan came to my grandmother and told her that visitors were taking pictures," said Patricia Perez, 38.

Even though Perez has distanced herself from the controversy, her documentary about Ramirez's murder continues to affect his family.

In the film's final sequence, Mama Salud is present only in photographs placed by her family on her wheelchair and on an altar they have prepared to receive her spirit.

Salud's family has decorated her home with marigolds and lit candles, and they are serving Salud's favorite dinner—fish, beans, tortillas—as well as a Pepsi to drink.

The family wants visitors to continue coming by after she dies because that was what Mama Salud would have wanted; Perez told me.

"She was always happy to see people," said Ms. Jiménez, who decided not to close the business during her mother's long illness and instead keep its doors open.

"I quit my job, and so did my wife," said Eduardo Lopez. "And we came here to see Mama Coco."wrote one visitor on her Facebook page.