Maren Morris, a country music star and former contestant on The Voice, surprised concertgoers at her Orlando show when she welcomed pop singer Bebe Rexha onstage.

Following a hiatus from the music scene, in which she made headlines for attacking Jason Aldean’s wife on Instagram for perceived transphobic comments, Kesha returned with a new single.

Both Brittany Aldean’s comments and Maren Morris’ reaction were polarizing, but music has always been a uniting force.

On Sunday, Maren and John Mayer played together for a second time. She shared video of the performance on Instagram so that her 1.6 million followers could enjoy it too!

Maren Morris’s followers have been enthusiastically commenting on her Instagram post of herself with John Mayer, which has already garnered 39k double-taps.

The Grammy-winning singer performed To Hell & Back with John at The Hollywood Bowl. Dressed in a strapless gown, the 32-year old looked beautiful as she played her guitar to the audience's delight.

Maren's white strapless dress made her long legs look even longer. Her light brown locks had beachy waves and a center part, making the Texas native captivating to watch as she drew the crowd in.

She added a caption that was a mix of her name and John’s last name. Meanwhile, things have calmed down since the online feud between Maren and the Aldean clan.

A feud between singer Maren Morris and songstress Brittany Aldean began online, with Brittany’s husband defending his wife. Page Six reported the sequence of events—including how it all started.

In an August makeup video, Brittany applied a bunch of makeup to her face and made some controversial comments about gender roles.

In an emotional moment, Maren used a few choice words. She later revealed that by informing people of her situation she could be saving lives.

The Hollywood Bowl performance was not the first time Maren and John had appeared together. They also performed in Nashville back in April.

Maren said she wanted her music to be a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community—and it’s likely that message resonated with many fans.